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Our Vision

Storybook Academy believes that children learn best in small groups. It allows them to develop into strong-minded individuals.

Our Goal

The goal of our program is to equip students with the academic skills, respect for themselves and the behaviors for a successful future.

Our Purpose

Storybook team encourages each child by teaching and showing them daily that they are capable to do anything they imagination by applying their creative minds.

Performing Arts

Storybook Academy offers Dance, Karate, and Drama. Dance and Karate are extra curriculum activities that are offered weekly for an extra fee. Drama classes are incorporated into our extra curricular to help build student’s character, and increase their confidence. Our student’s talent will be showcased throughout the year with performances for family and friends. We aim to help our students by providing the opportunity and the platform for them to work together as a team and perform as a group.


We’re glad you’re here
Hope you like what you see
Now listen I’ll tell you
What Storybook done for me
We’re learning to read
And we write our ABCs
But it’s more than school
They teach the Golden Rule
It’s like home away from home
And we’re never left alone
Like the Lord up above
That teaches the meaning of love
I’ll spread it everywhere
Just what I’ve learned
And what I shared
At Storybook Academy

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