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Discovery Zone (Infant Program)

Teacher/Child Daily Interactions:
Our classroom provides a safe and welcoming environment. In order to prepare our infants for early childhood development we challenge and support them through discovery techniques with song, play and reading aloud to them daily. We challenge their young minds to start learning so that their imagination can take flight. By reading to them throughout the day, their vocabulary will be enhance, their attention span developed as well as developing social skills. Studies have shown that reading aloud to babies will foster increased vocabulary, improved communication skills and enhanced comprehension.  In addition, our teachers introduce numbers, letters, colors, and shapes in a fun and playful way. We believe it’s never too early to begin building listening, memory and vocabulary skills!

During a typical day, children in this class are given time to explore, and enjoy many Multiple Intelligence Learning Centers around the classroom such as math, reading, writing, block building, art, dramatic play, science, problem solving, bible verse

                                                 and more.                                                         

Children in the Readiness III classroom are gearing up for Kindergarten. Although children grow and mature at different rates, and not all children are ready at the same time, we are committed to giving each child the tools, resources and support needed for a successful transition into Kindergarten. Throughout each busy day, preschoolers continue to gain valuable experiences across all learning domains spiritual, social, emotional, physical and academically.


 The strength of this classroom is structure and one on one learning. We spend time engaging in specific activities to expose learning objectives needed for the transition to first grade. Our teachers work with your children to develop and improve their skills and abilities keeping in mind the many different learning styles of each child. Our philosophy is to engage and expose     learning opportunities for all children.                                                                                                                                                   


Storybook Academy’s before and after school care program offers breakfast and an afternoon snack. Students who are enrolled in this program will receive homework assistance (including tutoring in reading, math, writing and test preparation).

Our learning environment is design in a way that will make your child enjoy learning!

We celebrate and welcome diversity! Each month, we chose different activities and or celebrations to show the children there are a lot of different types of cultures in the world and also within their own country, and that they are all valuable


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