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Storybook Academy is a unique private school founded in 1993 that provides a range of programs to accommodate every child’s needs. We provide high quality education to students in grades Pre-K through 1st grade using an academically challenging curriculum. We also specialize in infant and toddler care while promoting early development. Storybook Academy also provides before and after school care for the working parent. Our program emphasizes socialization and academic readiness in a small classroom environment with individualized attention. Students are nurtured and encouraged to reach their fullest potential though a variety of activities.

Storybook Academy has a diverse group of students that commute from all over the city. By keeping our location in southeast Houston we are showing our commitment that we are dedicated to our community. We will continue to invest in our children so that they will receive the affordable and high quality education they deserve.


News and Events

Storybook Academy believes that children learn best in small groups. It allows them to develop into strong-minded individuals.

Fall Festival

Check out pictures from our recent fall festival celebration.

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